10 measures

Find out!

Here you can read the 10 basic proposals that every school environment and municipality should achieve to ensure safe and healthy school environments.

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Evaluate your municipality

Do you dare?

To help municipalities and schools to become safe and healthy for children, we have designed a self-assessment checklist. Do you dare to find out where your municipality or school environment stands?

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Make a difference!

What can you do?

In recent decades, the urban model that prioritises mobility in private vehicles has led to a loss of autonomy for children to move around and enjoy public space, with negative impacts on their development and health. It is necessary to promote a positive transformation of school environments and routes, and you can contribute to this positive change. Find out how!

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Why do we need safe, healthy and sustainable school environments?

*The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) developed this outreach campaign for Clean Cities with explanatory infographics and thought-provoking messages, to raise awareness of the need to transform schools and school routes to make them healthier and safer for children.