Examples and experiences

In this section, for each indicator of the self-assessment checklist, you will find experiences or good practices to achieve a safe and healthy school environment that have been carried out in some municipalities in Spain. Although we offer them now as a list, in the future we will try to show them on an interactive map.

If you know of any examples, you can tell us about them using this contact form and we will add them to this section. Thank you!

A new cycle lane next to a school environment in Valencia

January 2022 | Catarroja, Valencia
Project investment : 600,000 euros
Photo: Las Provincias

As part of the “Catarroja Camina” project, a new cycle lane has been built next to a primary school. In this area, the surroundings have been pacified and a new access has been created, which guarantees greater safety for pupils entering and leaving the school.

Safe School Environments without cars in Valencia

September 2021 | Valencia
Project investment : 180,000 euros
Photo: Valencia City Council website

They have recovered the perimeter of a road environment, previously used for parking vehicles, and made it available for use by students entering and leaving two schools. These actions respond to the requests of the centres and their AMPAS to facilitate access for students who walk to the school centre, free of vehicles.

Pedestrianization of a street around the school center in Godella

March 2023 | Godella, Valencia
Project investment : Unknown
Photo: Las Provincias Newspaper

Godella City Council has converted one street into a pedestrian zone and changed the direction of another to calm traffic around a school centre. This measure is in response to a request from the educational community, which is hoping to replicate it in other urban centres.

Safe school route in Castellón

September 2023 | Castellón
Project investment : Unknown
Photo: Castellón Plaza

In September, a school in Castellón launched the school route. This way to school has four routes that the pupils follow in the morning. The students are advised by the local police, who are responsible for guaranteeing the safety of families who decide to change their route and leave the car at home.

School routes in Altafulla

August 2023 | Altafulla, Tarragona
Project investment : Unknown
Photo: Diari Més

Altafulla Town Council is launching a project to calm traffic around schools by reducing the number of lanes and the speed of traffic during the 2023-2024 school year. In addition, it is intended to redesign the surroundings of a school centre by removing 25 parking spaces near the playground.

PediBús service in Tarragona

October 2022 | Tarragona
Project Investment : 13,860.55 euros
Photo: Diari de Tarragona

The PediBús service will run throughout the 2022-2023 school year until the end of June. Although the project will have to be adapted to the characteristics of each centre, the proposal was that boys and girls in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades could go alone with their peers and the youngest children with an adult.

Pacification of school environments in Hospitalet de Llobregat

November 2022 | L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona
Project Investment : 11.4 million euros (financed by funds Next Generation)
Photo: Tot Hospitalet

In 2020, the City Council implanted changes in the regulation of streets where they are located different schools, prohibiting or restricting traffic. In 2021, they carried out changes in the environments with the installation of pylons, widening sidewalks, enabling sections of pedestrian areas and the network cyclable.

New bicycle and scooter parking at a school in Barcelona

February 2023 | Barcelona
Project investment : Unknown
Photo: AFA Diputació

After several negotiations between the Students’ Families Association, the school management and the district, the name of the motorcycles parked on the pavement was removed and a new bike and scooter park was created. This parking area has a fence that separates it from the street.

Project Protegim les Escoles de Barcelona

May 2023 | Barcelona
Project investment : 16.8 million euros
Photo: Barcelona City Council

The surroundings of several educational centres in Barcelona have been transformed to eliminate traffic lanes, widen pavements and improve signage and the environment with elements such as planters or benches. This project is promoted by the Barcelona City Council and it is estimated that it will operate in around 200 schools.

Shelters climate in Barcelona schools

June 2022 | Barcelona
Project investment : Unknown
Photo: Barcelona Secreta

Thanks to the funding of the Urban Innovation Action of the European Commission, Barcelona has transformed eleven schools at risk of overheating into climatic shelters open to all citizens _ implementing traditional solutions in buildings and naturalising patios with vegetation, shaded areas and water points.

More than 10,000 schoolchildren learn road education in Lleida

March 2023 | Lleida, Catalonia
Project investment : Unknown

During the 2022-2023 school year, a total of 63 schools and 10,768 girls and boys from Lleida will take part in activities organised by the Traffic Education Unit of the Municipal Police. This course includes theoretical and practical courses on road safety knowledge, with activities inside and outside the classroom.

The School Chance” project ends in Girona after six years

June 2022 | Girona
Project investment : Unknown

The European sustainable school mobility project “School Chance” will end in 2022 after 6 years of activity. One of the good practices shared through this project has been the network of school mobility coordinators of Girona, which already includes 13 educational centres. The aim of this network is to establish a reference point for sustainable mobility in each centre.

Murcia installs bike racks in schools and institutes

March 2023 | Murcia
Project investment : 18,447

In March the installation of a total of 200 new forks to park bicycles began, continuing to promote the use of bicycles in the municipality. With these new racks, the aim is to create a network of bicycle parking, responding to joint requests from municipalities, associations, entities and individuals.

San Sebastián de los Reyes recovers the safe school road project

September 2023 | San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid
Project investment : Unknown

The Safe Routes to School project has been revived in this city and includes the painting of footprints on pavements to provide clear guidance for schoolchildren. The presence of local police officers at school entrances has also been increased.

A school manages to remove the vehicle parking in Madrid

September 2011 | Madrid
Project investment : Unknown

The school staff had been using part of the school yard to park their vehicles for years. Until the month of May, when the plastic fences were installed in the school yard, they could park up to 17 cars. As soon as the work to create an alternative parking area was completed, the children completely regained their schoolyard.

Parking is prohibited next to schools during learning hours in Cáceres

November 2020 | Cáceres , Extremadura
Project investment : Unknown

This will prohibit parking in car parks near schools during school hours. Specifically, parking is prohibited from 7:45 to 15:15, coinciding with the area where schools and institutes operate. The signs that will be installed by the Town Hall will inform drivers of this.

Environments in Palma del Río

June 2021 | Palma del Río, Córdoba
Project investment : Unknown

In June 2021, the pilot test of the school routes was launched, in coordination with the Educational Centres and the AMPAs. Traffic restrictions will be implemented in 4 schools and 2 children’s schools, from 8:50 to 9:10 and from 13:50 to 14:10, Monday to Friday.

A school in Seville opens a safe school path

September 2022 | Seville
Project investment : 800,000

The city council has pedestrianised the access to a street, creating a pedestrian space designed for the transit and stay of students and families. The project has included green areas with the creation of gardens and planting of trees, a new bike rack and a children’s play area to encourage the stay.

First edition of BiciCole in Cádiz

May 2022 | Cádiz
Project investment : Unknown

In this first edition of the BiciCole programme, which encourages the use of bicycles, 404 students have participated. It took place during the last school term and was divided into three phases: the familiarisation phase, the training phase and this final practice and coexistence activity called Al Cole en Bici.

Safe and sustainable school route in Úbeda

February 2023 | Úbeda, Jaén
Project investment : Unknown

In February, a school in Úbeda launched the Safe Routes to School project. This project seeks to transform the streets into routes with priority use for children and adolescents. The action includes point some flexible itineraries and layout simple that allow minors to travel on foot.

A school in Córdoba joins the “ Safe School Route ” program

March 2022 | Córdoba
Project investment : Unknown

A school in Córdoba joins the existing routes that cover several schools. This is the first public centre to join the programme and the initiative comes from AMPA. A series of measures have been developed, such as the installation of pedestrian priority signs, speed limits of 20 km/h and traffic restrictions on a surrounding road.

Eight naturalized schoolyards in Vitori Gasteiz

August 2023 | Vitoria-Gasteiz
Project investment : Unknown

Last summer, works were carried out to naturalise six recreational areas, corresponding to 6 educational centres. These are added to the five already transformed by the patio naturalisation programme. After the transformation of the patios, the educational community will be formed to encourage participation in the programme.

Vitoria-Gasteiz hosts the VIA road safety education program

September 2023 | Vitoria-Gasteiz
Project investment : Unknown

The VIA programme is a driver education programme that aims to train children and young people in safe mobility in order to prevent road accidents and their consequences. The programme has currently trained more than 3,900 students in 31 schools in different Spanish cities.

Pacification of two streets, bike racks and trees near a school in Vitoria-Gasteiz

July 2023 | Vitoria-Gasteiz
Project investment : 78,997 euros

Two streets have been transformed to create a safer school environment with less car traffic. In particular, they have created a green corridor along one of the streets, where two flower beds have been installed at each end and 10 trees. wide. have also been added picnic tables, bike racks and ramps to facilitate access to the centre.

Five schools participate in the “Patios x El Clima” programme in Aragón

June 2023 | Aragón
Project investment : Unknown

“Patios x El Clima” is an environmental awareness program that aims to promote the renaturation of spaces educational and its function pedagogy for mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change in school environments. Aragon has selected five centres to participate in the 37 that have been presented for the school year 2023-2024.

A new underground car park next to a school in Zaragoza

June 2023 | Zaragoza, Aragón
Project investment : Unknown

A new car park has already been built _ underground next to a nursery school. Specifically, two play areas have been installed in the centre of the square _ children’s playgrounds paved with continuous multicoloured rubber flooring. In addition, several flower pots have been placed and a total of 7 trees have been planted in the flower beds.

Road Education resumes its activity with schools in Teruel

March 2023 | Teruel
Project investment : Unknown

Road safety education activities at the Teruel Children’s Traffic Park have resumed following the completion of the works. After the works, the whole building was used for road safety education. The 6th grade students of one centre have already been able to return to the park to receive training and perform on the practice circuit to improve road safety.

Jaca trains volunteers to accompany safe school routes

October 2020 | Jaca, Huesca
Project investment : Unknown

With the support of the local police, the volunteers who accompany schoolchildren have received the necessary material and precise instructions, so that fathers and mothers do not have to accompany the boys and girls. These volunteers have reflective vests and other protective equipment while they are in the school routes.

Reduction of the speed in front of a school

February 2023 | Casetas, Aragón
Project investment : Unknown

The Town Council has placed several 20 km/h signs on the road in front of the school and some of the surrounding roads, in addition to another vertical sign warning of the presence of a school nearby.

Santander installs bike racks at schools

November 2011 | Santander, Cantabria
Project investment : Unknown

Santander City Council is installing 200 cycle racks in the city’s schools. These centres were contacted to find out if they wanted the racks. The municipal workshops are responsible for manufacturing the forks, and the council’s road maintenance service is then responsible for installing them.

Santander launches awareness campaign on school routes

March 2022 | Santander, Cantabria
Project investment : Unknown

The City Council has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the safety of school routes under the title “For a safe and healthy school route”. This campaign conveys several awareness messages, such as avoiding parking in front of school entrances and respecting speed limits.

Torremolinos creates a network of safe routes to school

February 2023 | Torremolinos, Málaga
Project investment : 589,000 euros

Torremolinos City Council has created a network of safe routes to school. This initiative consists of repairing all the roads used by pupils and includes a series of urban micro-services. For example, the widening of pavements, the modification of paving and the installation of cycle racks.

A pioneering project in Almería: Cycling and walking to school

September 2023 | Almería
Project investment : Unknown

The City Council has launched a pilot project with five centres called “On a bike and walking to school”. Through this project, students in the last stage of primary school in 5 schools and in the first cycle of secondary school in one institute will receive didactics in different physical education units where they will be taught road safety education and the importance of sustainable mobility.

Half a thousand students have received road safety education in Vícar

November 2022 | Vícar , Almería
Project investment : Unknown

The Vícar School Road Safety Education Project has already had the participation of more than five hundred students from six municipal centres and the participation in door days _ _ open by a total of 72 parents of students from five years. This project is developed in activities theory, games, workshops, etc.

Nine schools cut off traffic at the entrances and exits of students in Granada

September 2023 | Granada
Project investment : Unknown

Nine schools in Granada have been authorised to stop traffic during the arrival and departure times of pupils. Depending on the centre, the times are between 8:45 and 9:20 in the morning and between 13:30 and 14:45 in the afternoon, with the collaboration of those responsible for the centres to install the appropriate signage.

Routes in Argamasilla de Calatrava

September 2023 | Argamasilla de Calatrava, Ciudad Real
Project investment : Unknown

The city council has been running its “Safe Routes to School” programme for three years. This programme establishes six routes that accompany up to two nursery and primary schools. This year, the school routes have involved one hundred students, accompanied by a “school patrol” that monitors each of the six routes.

Traffic restrictions around schools in Cuenca

September 2023 | Cuenca
Project investment : Unknown

A series of traffic restrictions have been proposed around the schools in order to create safe spaces around the schools during entry and exit. Traffic restrictions will be carried out every day during school hours at the entrance (from 8:45 to 9:15) and at the exit (from 1:45 to 2:15) of the schools, affecting seventeen streets.

A safe and healthy school environment in Logroño

January 2021 | Logroño , La Rioja
Investment in the project : Unknown

The City Council has enabled different spaces around twenty centres educational materials to facilitate access to students. Among the performances carried out highlights the elimination of parking spaces in the streets surrounding the centers. In addition, at the request of the centres, the streets were temporarily closed.

Pamplona renovates seven schools to improve safety

October 2022 | Pamplona, Navarra
Project investment : 258,621.42 euros

City Hall will end 2022 creating safe school environments about seven _ schools. In recent months, they have adapted and adapted to the environments of different educational centres. The actions have focused on widening pavements and eliminating parking areas. and transforming them into play and rest areas.

Eliminating the car park of a school in Gijón

October 2021 | Gijón, Asturias
Project investment : 125,785.55 euros

In 2021, work began to provide access to schools and to create a safe space between entrances and exits, avoiding the constant circulation of vehicles. Therefore, a pedestrian area was created, occupying all the space in front of the centre, and pedestrian traffic was separated from the road for the circulation of vehicles with different pavements and signage.

Safe school routes in Gijón

June 2023 | Gijón, Asturias
Project investment : Approx. 2 million euros

Gijón City Council promoted safe school routes in 2022, following studies and design work carried out in seven schools. In 2023, Gijón intends to promote works to create school routes in 30 educational centres, but for the moment action has been taken in the seven centres selected in the initial plan, which already count with construction projects.

A school in Toledo celebrates 10 years of pedibús

November 2022 | Toledo
Project investment : Unknown

A school celebrated last year the 10th anniversary of the PediBús, the project that benefits more than 100 nursery and primary school children. The director emphasises that 100% of the nursery and primary school teachers (around 25) are involved in the project, at least two in the morning shift and four in the afternoon shift, which may have influenced its success.

The cycle path will be extended to 19 schools

October 2022 | Toledo
Project investment : 439,312 euros

It follows work on the execution of itineraries cyclists through a network that will connect 18 schools, extending the bike lane now existing and will also provide it with bicycle parking. In this initiative, painting works, demolition of curbs, removal of fences and elimination of some parking spaces that allow _ improve visibility and safety.

Safe school routes in Guadalajara

July 2018 | Guadalajara
Project investment : 450,000 euros

In 2018, the execution of three new safe school routes. The work carried out included strengthening the road safety elements of the routes, widening the pavements, improving the signage and painting of the routes, and installing speed bumps.

The Munera Pedibus

September 2017 | Munera , Albacete
Project investment : Unknown

Since last year, a school in Albacete has joined the STARS project, whose main idea is to raise awareness and involve students in creating more sustainable urban mobility. In the case of Munera, routes cyclists and land that have been marked by the local police.

Car-parks are eliminated in 15 schools in Palma

February 2022 | Palma, Mallorca
Project investment : 480,000 euros

Palma City Council has launched a series of public and concerted actions in 37 schools. In 15 school areas, pavements have been widened, trees planted or lighting improved, and in the remaining 22, traffic calming measures have been carried out and parking spaces have been eliminated.

Palma promotes safe routes to school

September 2023 | Palma, Mallorca
Project investment : Unknown

School routes have been implemented in 7 centres that have gone through a series of actions such as the study of the different routes used and road safety education actions taught by the local police. Families, students, the educational community and the neighbourhood of each centre were involved in the creation process.

Cycle lane to be extended to a school in Vinarós

August 2021 | Vinarós , Castellón
Project investment : Unknown

Vinarós Town Council is extending the cycle lane of the avenue to connect it to the new school, in order to offer pupils a safe route to school. Work will also be carried out around the school to facilitate bus parking and mobility in the surrounding streets.

Safe school routes in Mérida

September 2022 | Mérida, Badajoz
Project investment : Unknown

The city council has been working on safety measures around schools. Among these measures, safe routes to school will be highlighted in several centres and traffic will be reduced in the area during arrival and departure times in collaboration with the local police.

Renaturalization of schoolyards in Palencia

December 2021| Palencia
Project investment : Approx. between 50,000 and 150,000 per school center

The Natural Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León will develop an educational programme in 2022-2023 in schools and institutes to adapt to climate change. Six centres in Palencia have been selected for this programme. This project aims to implement different green infrastructures with a multifunctional character.

The green schol of Valladolid

March 2022 | Valladolid
Project investment : Unknown

A school in Valladolid has inaugurated its vertical garden in one of the common areas of its facilities. This has been achieved thanks to the collaboration of the 5th grade students, as this project was carried out as a “team” in which they were divided to plant different plants in the 4 square metres of garden.

Eight schools in Burgos restore their playgrounds

August 2023 | Burgos
Project investment : 529,012 euros

Eight schools and institutes will participate in the patio restoration programme of the Foundation for Natural Heritage of Castilla y León. 2,175 students will benefit from this proposal, which will provide the patios with native trees, fruit trees, shrubs and aromatic plants, and will also include training for teachers who will participate in each project.

Safe school routes in León

November 2018 | León
Project investment : Unknown

The City Hall presented a project to schools in the historic centre pioneer of school routes for students. Among the measures proposed, a proposal for itineraries was made and the figure of “Friendly Business” was included, which consists of the task of involving businesses in the area of the route in tasks of support and assistance to the students who participate in the project.

A new entry and exit protocol insurance in Salamanca schools

September 2020 | Salamanca
Project investment : Unknown

The access protocol to educational centres Its priority is to avoid crowds and reduce risk situations. One of the general measures is to limit access to the educational centres by car, as well as providing car-free areas at the entrance and exit doors of the buildings.

Gardens in the schools of Segovia

April 2023 | Segovia
Project investment : Unknown

The “Enreda en verde” educational programme, now in its third year, promotes the creation and maintenance of school gardens. In this project, specific training is carried out to show students how to cultivate the land for later use in schools.

Safe school routes in Lugo

May 2021 | Lugo
Project investment : Unknown

A school in Lugo is the first to have safe routes to school, involving students in grades four, five and six. They have started with two routes guided by a teacher. In the first two days of work, they are already routes, they had 9 boys and girls on the first day and 15 on the second.

School routes will have continuity in Vilagarcía de Arousa

March 2023 | Vilagarcía de Arousa , Pontevedra
Project investment : 1,000,000,000 euros

The construction of safe school routes has been completed in an area of Pontevedra where around a thousand people pass on their way to and from school. This project consisted of moving back a wall to create a cycle path and creating a single platform to limit access for cars.

Five radars speed up educational measures in school environments in A Coruña

August 2023 | A Coruña
Project investment : Unknown

A Coruña City Council has completed the installation and activation of five new pedagogical speed cameras located on interurban roads close to various schools. This measure aims to reinforce the prevention and reduction of traffic around schools. The devices act as a deterrent and issue a warning when the speed limit is exceeded.

Safe school routes in Ourense Xinzo de Limia

October 2016 | Ourense
Project investment : Unknown

The municipality of Xinzo de Limia launched the Safe Routes to School project in 2016. The works consisted of improving pedestrian crossings through a painting reinforcement and painting new indications at main access points to the centres. Children were accompanied by fathers and mothers and monitors on their way to school.

15 years of school roads in Bizkaia

March 2023 | Bizkaia
Project investment : Unknown

Leioa Town Hall was the first to launch the Caminos Escolares programme in 2009. The initiative had 700 public, private or concerted schools. In particular, the program of the city of Leioa “Bizibideak” has been working for a decade so that boys and girls can walk to school alone.

Road safety in Donostia school environments gets the best punctuation

November 2013 | Donostia , Guipuzcoa
Project investment : Unknown

Ten schools in Donostia were randomly selected for an analysis carried out by Eroski Consumer from different cities. Specifically, the study assessed that five centres had bicycle lanes, and that the ten centres had a perimeter closed, with fences or walls of its own building.

A school garden for environmental education in a school in Ávila

September 2023 | Ávila
Project investment : Unknown

During the 2021-2022 school year, a school garden was created and maintained in a school in Ávila. In 222, three pilot activities were developed, such as a workshop on garden management. In 2023, five sessions will be held to work on environmental education in schools. The project has demonstrated the great potential of the school garden as a vehicle for environmental education.

Transforming a school in Zamora into a safe school environment

February 2023 | Zamora
Project investment : 48,400 euros

Zamora City Council has transformed a section of road around a school into a pedestrian-only street, giving continuity to the centre and the park and creating a square-like area. The project was born as a result of the workshops of the “Soñando Parks” programme, in which the students proposed this transformation.

New section of Soria cycle path

March 2023 | Soria
Project investment : 179,996 euros

In March, work began on the new cycle lane in an area considered to have the highest number of schools and pupils per square metre in Europe. With this bi-directional cycle lane, which will run along the road in a protected manner, it will be easier to make safe cycling connections in this environment.

Arrecife launches a safe school route

March 2023 | Arrecife , Tenerife
Project investment : 407,630.35 euros

Five streets surrounding a school have been equipped with access and paths for pedestrians, that are comfortable and connected to the school entrance. The works included the elimination of architectural barriers; speed reduction by installing elevated steps; and a bicycle parking.

The new recreational area of the Juan Zaragüeta School, to be inaugurated at the end of the year

2022 | Hortaleza , Madrid

The debut of the green, sports and games area, which will be located on a municipal site in Tomás Redondo Street, next to the Juan Zaragüeta School, represents a victory for the school’s educational community. First, in 2021, it succeeded in stopping the transfer of the land to the Iberdrola company, which turned it into a car park for its workers. Subsequently, the school managed to get the City Council to adopt his project to create this large space for the district and the nearly 450 Zaragüeta schoolchildren. The project has a covered track textile for practicing various sports, as well as a play area children and a large green area with a possible bird observatory. The construction of the facilities has involved an investment budgeted at 1.03 million euros.


A walk to school plan for early learners years in Bradford, United Kingdom United

Location : Bradford, United Kingdom Joined
Date : January 2023
Project investment : 55,000 pounds
This programme, called Little Feet, has been launched to encourage boys and girls up to two years old to walk to school. Launched in January by the Mayor of Bradford, this initiative aims to encourage families in 30 nurseries and schools to walk to and from school.

Various school routes in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, are being made permanent

Location : Bournemouth , Kingdom United
Date : July 2023
Project investment : Unknown
Four school road pilot projects that restrict vehicle access around educational sites are in line to become permanent _ following the success they have had.

Renaturalisation of schoolyards in nineteen schools in Brussels, Belgium

Location : Brussels , Belgium
Date : October 2022
Project investment : 300,000 euros
The ‘Opération Ré-création’ is a participatory development project for school playgrounds that aims to transform them into green oases. In particular, playgrounds located on a heat island or in a very dense neighbourhood have been prioritised for greening through this project.

Schoolyard programme in Paris, France

Location : Paris, France
Date : February 2022
Project investment : Unknown
The OASIS programme transforms Parisian schoolyards into ‘green oases’. This programme aims to reduce vulnerability to summer heat waves and create fresh green spaces. From 2019 to 2021, the project will work with 10 schools across Paris.

Green classroom in a primary school in Berlin, Germany

Location : Berlin, Germany
Date : April 2019
Project investment : Unknown
Between 2017 and early 2018, a former pond and the demolition of a wall created a new space that serves as a place for social interaction and learning. This space has been transformed into a green classroom, with wicker benches and a berry garden in the shade, where students can grow plants.

Cycle trains or bike buses in Portugal

Location : Portugal
Date : February 2023
Project investment : Unknown
Ciclo Expresso is the name of the initiative that brings together the bicycle combo or bicibus in Portugal. These “trains” are made up of groups of boys and girls who cycle to school, accompanied by an adult. Currently there are Ciclo Expresso in Lisbon (with 17 schools participating and 28 routes defined), Aveiro and Braga.